India’s Largest IVD Reagent manufacturer – Agappe Launches AGGLH - Glucose Hexokinase in the Indian market - The Gold Standard in Glucose Estimation with Hexokinase method

American Association of Clinical Chemistry developed Hexokinase method for Glucose estimation and it has been accepted as the Reference method for glucose determination.

  • Hexokinase Method – The reference method for Glucose estimation developed by AACC 
  • Excellent Linearity of 900 mg/dL - Reduce rerun of the high sample, saves time & cost
  • Fast Reaction - Only 5 minutes to complete reaction, fast reporting
  • High accuracy, CV <2% - Excellent CV shows the reliability of method
  • High Reagent Stability – One-month on board reagent stability, No frequent calibration required
  • Provided 2mL Calibrator for along with kit - Accuracy ensured with no Extra Cost


First time in the Indian IVD, Closed System, Semi Automated Coagulation Analayzer with Card Calibration Where Accuracy, Precision Is Guaranteed, will change the face of coagulation testing.
Coagulation testing was never so easy… thanks to New clog…. Accurate/Affordable/ Accessible
Mispa Clog Plus is a Unique Coagulation system with the following benefits…
Smart card technology: Entering ISI value for the PT reagent is now easy. Just insert the smart card provided with the kit and all the details regarding the reagent is loaded automatically.
Dual Channel System: Two different wavelengths are available for performing coagulation and quantification assays.
Complete solution for testing: The reagent kit is having all the reagents and consumables like Cuvettes and beads. No need to buy them separately. Three Parameter are available PT, APTT and Fibrinogen.
Quality Control: To assure the quality of testing, specific quality control materials are available
Real time monitoring: Number of tests remaining in a kit is monitored to have better control on the inventory
Stability check: Stability of the reagent is checked always to make sure that no false results are given due to expired reagent
Ergonomic design: New generation design which requires very less space.

The legend returns!!! Yes, We are very glad to inform you about the full formal launch of TMS30i.
Good news for customers who have high workload of HbA1c tests (more than 40 Samples per Day)…
  • No Competition Can Complete
  • 90 HbA1c Test in 60 Minutes 
  • HbA1c Testing
  • No competition is there to do HbA1C testing speed with Direct Whole Blood of 90Test per Hour, We can do with TMS30i 90 Test/Hour only for HbA1c Testing
  • HbA1c+Glucose in single sample Centrifuged EDTA Samples
  • 3 different samples can be used for HbA1c Test in TMS30i
  • HbA1C in Whole Blood:-
  • Sample placed on STAT Position and sample Probe will aspirate sample immediately and will go for Lysing procedure, further to Lysing HbA1C testing will done.
  • HbA1c+Glucose in Centrifuged EDTA Sample:-
  • We can use as only for HbA1c Analyser and with same sample we can perform HbA1C as well as Blood Glucose Tests, Blood Glucose will be estimated with Plasma in the tube, for HbA1C testing the sample probe will go Down to the tube for aspirating RBC cells from the tube (Better method even for Low Hb Patients) and the aspirated RBC cells for Lysing procedure, further to Lysing HbA1C testing will done. (Long flattened aspiration probe with special cleaning technology used to ensure Proper washing of sample probe and better CV)
  • HbA1C in Lysed Blood Sample:-
  • With manually lysed samples HbA1C testing will be done with Direct HbA1C reagent by the instrument
  • Air pressure mixing for sample and reagent
  • contactless mixing technology
  • only available in this segment, no carry over from the Mixing unit to the sample reagent mixture
  • no dilution from the mixing probe carried water
  • Built-in clot detector, Collision detection and the auto-washing
  • This is unique in this segment
  • Sample clot detector is integrated to the analyser
  • 3 probes system. R1, R2 and sample individually
  • Independent probes for reagents (separate for R1 and R2) and sample
  • No cross contamination on reagents
  • Low water consumption of 3.8L/Hour
  • Space-saving compact desktop design (footprint: 800 ×640 mm)
  • Diffraction Grating system with 13 fixed wavelengths (340 -800 nm).
  • Totally made in Japan with Japanese technology by TOKYO BOEKI MEDISYS INC
  • Voice guided operation for better user interaction
  • Low reaction volume and cost effective. (Reaction volume: 140–300ul)

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