3-Part Hematology Analyzer

BC 3000 plus is advanced 3 part  hematology analyser which will give acurate cell counts with low cost per test. 

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  • Throughput: 60 Samples per hour
  • Technology: Electrical Resistance
  • Parameter info: 19 parameters with 3 histograms
  • Sample volume: 13 microliter in whole blood mode and 20 microliter in Prediluted mode.
  • Cell counting aperture size: 100 micron for WBC and 70 micron for RBC and PLT
  • 10.4 inch colour LCD display to view complete result with colour histogram on the same screen.
  • More than 35,000 result memory.
  • Inbuilt key pad & external windows key board facility .
  • Inbuilt thermal recorder and facility to connect external printer without any software, for printing the result.
  • Reagent Expiry alarm

BC 3000 plus sample the blood, and quantify, classify, and describe cell populations using electrical resistance techniques. Electrical analysis involves passing a dilute solution of the blood through an aperture across which an electrical current is flowing. The passage of cells through the current changes the impedance between the terminals. A lytic reagent is added to the blood solution to selectively lyse the red cells (RBCs), leaving only white cells (WBCs), and platelets intact. This allows the counts of RBCs, WBCs, and platelets to be obtained. The platelet count is easily separated from the WBC count by the smaller impedance spikes they produce in the detector due to their lower cell volumes.

  • Electrical Resistance

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