Agappe Joins Hands with Hitachi Chemical for Manufacturing Clinical Diagnostic Equipments in India Agappe has received Appreciation



We are proud to announce our new initiative of joining hands with the Japanese multinational conglomerate, Hitachi Chemical Company Ltd., through technology licensing for manufacturing their most advanced Fully Automatic Specific Protein and Clinical Chemistry Analysers in India.
The manufacturing of the equipment, through Hitachi Chemical technology licensing agreement, would commence at Agappe’s world class manufacturing facility at Cochin, Kerala. This Project will also create better employment opportunities as well as great breakthrough in research and development.
The initiative, once it becomes functional, would also mark the beginning of clinical laboratories all over India embracing the automation mode thereby enhancing the quality of tests and accuracy of results.  Affordable pricing would help rural penetration with medium and smaller labs also entering the platform of advanced testing.  The instrument provides ease of operation, fast and highly specific results at a reduced cost estimated at roughly one-third of the cost per test compared to the conventional method analyzers.  The aim is to provide everyone across the nation the right result at the right time for proper diagnosis and avail treatment on time.
The instrument enables early detection of kidney malfunctioning, cardiac problems and osteoporosis. It can also support detection of prostate cancer through PSA testing and TB detection through ADA testing. The unit is expected to start production within a year.
Signing Ceremony:
The Press Meet and Signing Ceremony were conducted on 24th May 2017 at Cochin. The ceremony was attended by representatives from Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd. - Mr. Jackie Chuah, Director / General Manager Sales & Marketing, Hitachi Chemical Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. and Mr. Mitsutaka Shimabe, Deputy Director, Medical Business Unit, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan.
Mr. Tsuyoshi Uchida, President / CEO, Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics Inc., USA, explained the technological advancements offered by the new equipment.  ‘The machine enables us to measure the Protein levels along with substrates and enzymes present in the blood. The normal protein estimation is very complex where the calibration is very critical for the end user. With this instrument, there is a special advantage of automatic retrieval of calibration due to pre-calibration, where the chances of errors are almost zero.”
Mr. Tsuyoshi Uchida also reiterated that Agappe has a long-standing association with many Japanese reagent giants which itself was a positive note for Hitachi Chemical to select Agappe for this association. We are confident that this association will take both Agappe and Hitachi Chemical to new heights and also enable us to deliver the best in class diagnostic solution to the common man at an affordable price.
The Make in India Initiative:
 Currently, except for a handful of domestic manufacturers, the lab reagents and equipment meant for conducting various diagnostic tests are currently imported from USA, Europe, Japan and China at huge import costs and outflow of foreign exchange. These reagents and equipment include Fully Automated Protein Analyzers, Semi Auto Clinical Chemistry Analyzers, Electrolytic Analyzers, Coagulation Analyzers, ESR Analyzers, Urine Analyzers and Immuno Assay Analyzers (Chemiluminescence Analyzers) and their reagents.
Agappe has also been manufacturing and marketing a range of these analyzers for more than a decade for hospitals, clinics and pathological labs and is already into research and development activities for reagents and equipment. The team was successful in developing Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer viz. Mispa Viva, Semi Auto protein Estimation System named Mispa-i2 and followed with its upgraded single cartridge based analyzers, Mispa-i3. Over the years, Agappe could establish its presence in the full range of Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Immuno Chemistry, Coagulation, Blood Groupings and Haematology Reagents. Agappe is planning to launch India’s premier and fully indigenous hematology systems in the coming days.
In addition to the world-class reagent manufacturing facility in Cochin, Agappe has full-fledged manufacturing facility of sophisticated lab equipment at KINFRA, Nellad, Kerala, which is mainly concentrating on equipment manufacturing, in-house research and development of products and related activities.

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