Techagappe January - March 2017 Edition

I am very pleased to place in your hands, this 10th issue of TechAgappe, the quarterly review of health and laboratory medicine. I am proud to state that this magazine is now regular in publication at intervals of three months. Previous editions were based on Cardiac disease, Renal illnesses, Hepatic ailments, Pancreatic disorders, Cancer, Neurological disorders, Gastroenterological complaints, Gynecological maladies and Clinical Hematology in that order. I am also happy to report that the laboratory community has warmly welcomed the previous issues of the magazine.
In this issue, the leading article highlights the quality certifications, a very important aspect for consideration for clinical laboratories. This issue focuses on lung diseases, where you can find three scientific articles. The first one is an overview of tests for lung disorders in general. The second article is on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), by a leading pulmonologist. The third item is penned by another leading chest physician on the present scenario of Tuberculosis in India.
Then the readers are invited to three live stories. One is the saga of a woman from Chennai who underwent Lungs and-Heart Transplant in 2014 at Apollo Hospital, Chennai. The second one is regarding a woman from Gurgaon, who is a survivor of Lung Cancer and presently engaged in social activity. The third story is from Mumbai, on a patient cured of tuberculosis, who is now a spokesperson for the causes of tuberculosis patients. We have also included two interviews. One is with Dr. K. M. Cherian, Chennai, the doyen on cardiac surgery. The second one is from a famous IVD specialist. Thus, I am sure, this issue of TechAgappe will give
useful insights into the problems of various issues of pulmonology. I am proud to announce that the ensuing
issues of TechAgappe will cover other important topics. Your constructive criticisms to improve the contents will be greatly appreciated. 
With warm personal regards,
Dr. D.M. Vasudevan MD, FRCPath
Chief Editor - Techagappe

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