TechAgappe January - March 2018 Edition

I am very pleased to place before you, this 14th issue of TechAgappe, the quarterly review of health and laboratory medicine.  Previous editions were based on Cardiac disease, Renal illnesses, Hepatic ailments, Pancreatic disorders, Cancer, Neurological disorders, Gastroenterological complaints, Gynecological maladies, Clinical Haematology, Lung diseases, Musculoskeletal malfunctions, Eye diseases and ENT disorders respectively.  This magazine is now regular in publication at intervals of three months.  I am also happy to report that the laboratory community has warmly welcomed the previous issues of the magazine.

This issue focuses on diseases affecting the skin.  We have, as usual included three scientific articles, three life stories, two interviews and one technical article.

The first scientific article describes the medical features of ‘leprosy’.  The second medical article is about the ‘childhood vitiligo’ from Dr. Arun C. Inamadar from Bijapur.  The third cover story is on ‘comorbidities in psoriasis’, written by Dr. Sanjeev J. Aurangabadkar from Hyderabad.
As usual, we have added three life stories.  The first one is on Ms. Alka Dhupkar, who is successfully managing Psoriasis since her childhood days.  She is from Mumbai and is working with Mumbai Mirror as Assistant Editor.   The second life story is about Miss Kartiki Bhatnagar, 17 years, doing Plus Two in Delhi Public School.  She is suffering from Vitiligo but manages it by colouring her skin patches.    The third life story is about Baba Amte and his son Vikas Amte, focusing their continuing support to the mankind in eradicating leprosy. These landmark biographies will tell the readers on how to overcome chronic diseases by sheer determination.
In this issue, you can also see two interviews.  The first interview is with Dr. Prashanth Viswanath, an eminent Biochemist and Head of the Department of Biochemistry of JSS Medical College, Mysuru.  The second interview is with Dr. Rinky Kapoor from Mumbai.  She has been selected as the best dermatologist in the year 2016 in India.
We have a technical article on the ‘Importance of Preanalytical Automation’, which will help the laboratory technologists to function more effectively.
I am glad to state that we have received very good feedback and appreciating letters for the last issue, where most of the responders stated that they are happy to read TechAgappe and are eagerly waiting for the next issue.  The participation in the ‘quiz’ was also very encouraging.
I am sure, this issue of TechAgappe will give useful insights into the problems of skin diseases and certain special aspects of laboratory practices. I am proud to announce that the ensuing issues of TechAgappe will cover other important topics. Your constructive criticisms to improve the contents will be greatly appreciated.
With warm personal regards,
Dr. D.M. Vasudevan MD, FRCPath
Chief Editor - Techagappe

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