Building High Performing Team

Whether you are a toddler, or an aspiring sprinter, Agappe is the strong ground to learn.

Shinoy Henry, Learning and Development

Agappe is a team not because we work together. We are a team because we trust respect and care for each other.

Ketan Salgaonkar, Business Development

Agappe has taught me that sales skill is a perfect blend of conviction and persuasion. We sell verbs, not nouns and that makes all the difference.

Lwmchao Mashahari, Sales

The pleasure of creating something new and innovative is beyond words and to be able to work in an organization that invest so much in innovation is dream-come-true.

Thushara Thomas, Research & Development

Good marketing make the company look smart; Great marketing makes the customer feel smart. Proud to be part of the Marketing team at Agappe and loving every bit of it.

Vipin Chandra U C, Product Management

I love meeting people and understanding culture, without my work this would not have been possible.I Love my work, I Love Agappe

Saneesh V. V, HRD

As a fresher, it is my privilege to handle Agappe’s unique customer engagement program-AG Privilege.

Jeena Hemaraj, Marketing Services

More than Destiny I believe in My Hard Work and My Company- I believe In Agappe

Jayesh Kumar, Corporate Communication

What Our Employees Believe 

Agappe has provided me the opportunity to see the global business environment we operate in with much greater clarity and understanding. It’s an honour to work for a company that balances its passionate drive to compete and win with values and principles committed to the greater good.” 
Mr. Sudhir Nair , AVP Corporate Account Management, India.
“Working for Agappe is more than a job. Call it an adventure, a thrilling roller coaster ride that combines work and personal life. Since joining 19 months ago, I’ve been able to experience diverse fields and environments, and had the opportunity to take the lead on a number of initiatives. Most importantly, I know that even more challenges await me in my futures roles within the company.” 
John Mathayi , Product Manager , Cochin, India

Career At Agappe Offers

Extraordinary opportunities for growth: We offer positions that allow you to challenge the tried and true, and to collaborate across technologies and continents.
New horizons, ongoing education: A wealth of diversity in culture, training, knowledge, and experience gives employees incredible opportunities to learn and expand their horizons.
Leading-edge innovation, 24/7: Innovation isn’t just a buzz word at Agappe; it’s one of the pillars on which our entire business operates.
A diverse, global peer community: We are committed to bringing our best people to bear on client projects – regardless of where they may be located. This means that you get to work with people across continents and organizational functions

Our Opportunities

We’re looking for professionals committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions that help transform businesses. If you’re looking for a career that challenges and inspires you, consider Agappe. Agappe associates have diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and interests, but share a spirit of teamwork, a commitment to delivering quality results, and the desire to keep growing professionally. We need dedicated people from diverse backgrounds to sustainably enhance company’s values. Join our team to leverage on domestic and international career opportunities we have to offer and build a long term career with us. We are an equal opportunity employer and promote diversity in our workforce

HR Sandesh

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